Bike rental in Umeå

Umeå offers great cycling opportunities, with a mix of city life and closeness to nature. Umeå is sometimes called the capital of Norrland. The tradition of cycling has existed for a long time here, which means that there are plenty of well-maintained cycle paths and many cycle routes to explore. Umeå has won the title as Sweden's best cycling city and has been ranked as the third best cycling city in Europe. The perfect reasons to rent a bike in Umeå! 

Enjoy the nature of Norrland with rental bikes

Umeå and the nature around the city are popular areas to explore by bike. Here you will find a mixture of gravel roads and asphalt roads, with the river Umeälven as a characteristic landmark. The varying landscape has both meadows and forests, hills and flat roads. If you want to take a break from cycling you can find a large selection of shopping, food and things to do in Umeå.

Cycling along Umeälven and in Ume Älvdal

Umeå is named after the river Umeälven. Along the river there are plenty of roads and trails for cycling, surrounded by nature as well as history and culture.

Tips on bike routes in Umeå

Rent bicycles in Umeå and choose between a number of interesting routes. Here are some examples:

• "Tavelsjön runt", 23 km cycling and hiking trail if you start at the lake Tavelsjön, located north of Umeå. "Tavelsjörundan" is 65 km starting from Broparken in the city. If you want a longer adventure from Umeå city centre, you can cycle to the lake Tavelsjön and around it. The route is on asphalt and you can stop for food and swimming by the lake.

• "Stöcksjörundan", 40 km, runs south from Umeå through open landscapes and to the nature reserve Ängsbacka. At Stöcksjön you can rest by the lake, go for a swim or have a nice picnic. 

• "Holmsundsrundan", 40 km. Cycle south from Umeå, towards Holmsund and get a wonderful view of Umeälven.

• "Sörforsrundan", 30 km, is a classic route to the west of the city. The route runs along both sides of the river. 

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