Bike rental in Motala

Motala is located in the region of Östergötland, and is a city full of experiences for cyclists.
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By renting a bike in Motala, you have both the lake Vättern and Göta canal to cycle along.

The views next to the water and lovely nature attract lots of cyclists. 

The long canal called Göta kanal is the perfect destination for cyclists who are looking for a beautiful trip along the water, on wide bike paths sutiable for the whole family. From Motala you can cycle towards Söderköping. Along the way there's plenty of beautiful nature and things to see and do.

Cycle Motala - Borensberg - Bergs slussar

Cycle towards Borensberg from Motala, past the lake Boren and into the charming town Borensberg. It takes about an hour to cycle from Motala to Borensberg.

From Borensberg you will cycle on a cycle path free from traffic to Bergs slussar (Berg's locks), which takes another hour of cycling. From here you can continue around the lake Roxen and towards Norsholm.

Along the cycling route there are severael towns with cafés, restaurants, things to see and do, and places to stay overnight.

Around the lake Vättern from Motala

Around the entire lake Vättern there's a 420 km long cycle route, which is called "Runt Vätternleden". From Motala you can cycle on the trail in any direction and any distance. The cycle route follows lightly trafficked roads.

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