Bike rental in Töreboda, Göta Kanal

Töreboda in Västergötland is a perfect place to rent a bike if you want to explore lakes, beautiful nature and the fantastic Göta Kanal, a 190 km long canal that runs through Sweden. Töreboda is located between the two big lakes Vänern and Vättern. The canal runs right through the town, giving you the opportunity to cycle along the water without having to think about car traffic.

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Cycle along Göta Kanal to Sjötorp

For cyclists who want to see Göta Canal, Töreboda is a popular choice for bike rental. From the town you can follow the water in two different directions: along the canal bank towards Sjötorp (north) or towards the lake Viken and Tåtorp (south). The route is free from car traffic all the way to Sjötorp. Between Töreboda and Sjötorp is a distance of about 20 km. Depending on how fast you cycle it is possible to get there in just over an hour, or about two hours with calmer cycling and breaks. From Sjötorp it's possible to cycle on to Gullspång on cycle paths without traffic.

... or in the other direction: a bike ride to Tåtorp and lake Viken

If you cycle south along the water, you will reach Tåtorp where Göta Kanal merges into the lake Viken. The section Töreboda-Tåtorp is 15 km long. In Tåtorp you will find a guest harbor and a café. Here you can also fish and paddle kayak, and see a hand-operated lock from the year 1814. On the way to Tåtorp you get to see the island Lanthöjden with a seven meter high obelisk. It marks Göta Kanal's highest point, 91.5 meters above sea level.

Cycling on Göta Kanal's towpath - completely without car traffic

The biking from Töreboda along Göta Kanal is well suited for families with children, and really for anyone who wants to avoid car traffic. The old towpath was originally built for oxen. The strong animals would tow the boats on the canal. However, the towpath was no longer needed for this puprose when more and more boats got propellers. Today it's used as a popular bike path, flat and with plenty of places where you can rest, grill or have coffee. The entire Sjötorp-Tåtorp section of 35 km consists of a towpath. Around the lakes you follow smaller roads by bike to get to the next part of the canal.


Cycling vacation by Göta Kanal with bathing places and tasty food

Cycling along Göta Kanal is peaceful, with the tranquility of the water and nature close by. If you rent a bike in Töreboda, you can have a great time with plenty of exploration to do regardless of wheter you split the cycling into several days, or prefer a day trip along the canal. Along Göta Kanal you will find bathing places and nice picnic areas. In addition, you can visit cafés to take a break and replenish your energy. In Töreboda there are restaurants and cafés, and the possibility of overnight stays.

Travel to Töreboda by train

It is easy to travel to Töreboda by train. It is on the mainline between Stockholm and Gothenburg, only 3 hours from Stockholm and 90 minutes from Gotheburg.

Rent an E-bike in Töreboda

Are you planning on renting bikes in Töreboda? The peaceful cycling along the canal gives time for both socializing and relaxation. Book your bikes online on to secure your cycling vacation.

Rent a bike Göta kanal, Töreboda.

Discover Göta kanal on a bike, Töreboda.

Bicycle rental at Töreboda, Göta kanal.

Bike rental at Göta kanal, Töreboda.

Cycling along Göta kanal, bike rental at Töreboda.