Bike rental in Stockholm

Rent your bike in Stockholm easily online. Here you will find Stockholm's largest selection of bicycles. All bike rentals are booked online.
There are several types of bikes to choose from – everything from comfortable city bikes to electric bikes or mountain bikes. If you’re travelling with children, we also have child seats, child trailers and third wheel tag-along bikes, depending on the age of your child.

Remember to book your bike online at least one day before your trip!


Stockholm city 2

Torsgatan 12, 111 23 Stockholm

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Opening hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 11-19

Wednesday: 15-19

Thursday: 15-19

Friday: 10-17

Saturday: 11-17

Sunday: Closed

Stockholm Södermalm

Långholmsgatan 14, 117 33 Stockholm

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Opening hours

Monday: 10-18

Tuesday: 10-18

Wednesday: 10-18

Thursday: 10-18

Friday: 10-18

Saturday: 11-14

Sunday: Closed

Västra Stockholm(Bromma)

Flädermorsbacken 22, 167 62 Bromma

Offers bike transportation

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Opening hours

Monday: 9-19

Tuesday: 9-19

Wednesday: 9-19

Thursday: 9-19

Friday: 9-19

Saturday: 9-19

Sunday: 9-19

Stockholm city

Kungsbro strand 21, 112 26 Stockholm

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Opening hours

Monday: 9-17

Tuesday: 9-17

Wednesday: 9-17

Thursday: 9-17

Friday: 9-17

Saturday: 9-17

Sunday: 9-17

Stockholm is a city that is best visited by bicycle. With more than 1,100 km of bicycle paths, cycling around Stockholm could not be easier.
Whether you are sight-seeing around Gamla Stan (the Old Town), visiting the famous Vasa Museum, or taking in a concert at Avicii Arena or a football match at Tele2 Arena, getting there and around is easily done on a bicycle.

Or what about cycling around the island of Djurgården, with its numerous museums like Skansen or ABBA, or Gröna Lund park, where you can see a concert or go on one of the many rides?

In Djurgården you will also find beautiful nature, cosy cafés and bathing places. When renting or hiring, you can just focus on enjoying Stockholm without the hassle of transporting and storing your bicycle. Rent for a day or a few days, it’s that easy.