Bicycle service - Båstad, Torekov och Laholm

Welcome to one of our bicycle workshops in Torekov or Laholm (Båstad). We offer bicycle repairs on all kinds of bicycles and brands. We also offer bicycle service at your home, try our mobile bicycle workshop. All bicycle service is booked online.

Bicycle service package
Choose from our 3 different packages or choose from the service list. Before we start the service we will always let you know the total price.


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Mobile bicycle service

Do you want us to come to your home and service your bike? Then try our mobile bicycle service for 100 SEK extra within 50 km from Båstad center.
We are happy to come to nearby areas such as Hemmeslöv, Torekov, Skummeslöv, Kattvik, Skottorp, Laholm, Östra Karup m.m.

You will find us in the following places

 Bicycle Service

495 SEK

Basic service

A quick adjustment of gears and brakes as well as safety monitoring of the bike - for those who ride bikes at work sometimes.

A quick adjustment of gears and brakes as well as safety monitoring of the bike. Inspection and pumping of the tires. Check if the brake pads need to be replaced.

Material cost is added.




795 SEK

Extra service

Our most popular service - for those who want one well-functioning and safe bike for regular use.

Basic package + brake adjustment including brake housing and cable replacement (V-brake), gear adjustment including replacement of housing and wire, check of hose and tires, bearings and basic wheel aligment.

Material cost is added.



1895 SEK

Super service

An extended service - for those who use the bike daily and in training. This service is performed at Mobilservice's head office in Vallberga and will overview the entire bike.

Basic and extra service + bike wash, venting the brakes and simple fork service.

Material cost is added.



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  • Basic service 495 kr
  • Extra service 795 kr
  • Super service 1895 kr
  • Fix puncture (tube included) 249 kr
  • Change tires (Applies to 1 tires) 200 kr
  • Adjustment of hub gears 139 kr
  • Adjustment of surface gears 250 kr
  • Brake ventilation 350 kr
  • Disc brake adjustment 150 kr
  • Replacement of pads / blocks (brakes) 150 kr
  • Adjustment of wheel direction 300 kr
  • Change of chain 300 kr
  • Tubeless tires. Replacement or mounting. Price / wheel 250 kr
  • Change crank bearings or crankcase 400 kr
  • Change av drivetrain (crankset, chain, casettee, derailleur pulley wheels) excl material 750 kr
  • Puncture stroller excl. tube. Price / wheel 150 kr
  • Mounting of accessories/per accessory 79 kr

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