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Rent a bike online in the summer town of Halmstad or Simlångsdalen. We offer a large selection of different types of bicycles. Choose from city bikes, mtb's, fat bikes, electric bikes, touring bikes, etc. It is possible to leave a bicycle after closing, specify this in the shopping cart when booking.

All bike rentals must be booked online. If you want drop-off a bicycle in another city, you will find these options after you have selected a bicycle in the shopping cart.


Gästgiverivägen 3, 313 96 Simlångsdalen

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Stationsgatan 64, 302 50 Halmstad

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Large selection of cycling routes in Halmstad

In Halland, there is a large selection of cycle routes that suit everyone. Long routes such as Hylteslingan, Kattegattleden, Banvallsleden and Cykelspåret Hallands inland, and smaller tours such as Laxaleden and Tylösandsleden.

Cycle on Kattegattleden from Halmstad

Kattegattleden stretches through Halland and all the way to Gothenburg and Helsingborg in each direction. It was named the cycling route of the year in Europe 2018. From Halmstad you can cycle on Kattegattleden and reach sandy beaches, bathing places, fishing villages, countryside shops, cozy cafés and art galleries.

Kattegattleden south of Halmstad

If you cycle south from Halmstad, towards Båstad, you get to experience Sweden's longest sandy beach and beautiful nature reserves. The trail starts at Halmstad Castle and passes Östra Strand. North of Mellbystrand you cycle past sand dunes, forests and nature reserves. Mellbystrand is located a couple of kilometers north of Skummeslövsstrand, with plenty of ice cream shops, minigolf courses and cafés.

Kattegattleden north towards Falkenberg

North of Halmstad Castle, on Kattegattleden, you get 60 kilometres of open landscapes, nature reserves full of birds, and nice countryside shops. On the way to Falkenberg there's a lot to discover, for example one of the west coast's most popular sandy beaches, Tylösand. After Tylösand you cycle past the beaches of Frösakull, Ringenäs and Vilshärad, and you will then reach the windmill in Särdal with a café and farm shop. Around the village Steninge there are nature reserves with unique beach meadows. If you cycle further north on Kattegattleden, you will reach Ugglarp with a sea bath and Svedino's Car and Aviation Museum with an incredible collection of old cars and aircraft.

Kattegattleden(370 km)

Hylteslingan offers 160 km of cycling

Hylteslingan has its start and finish in Halmstad and takes you through Hyltebygden, with a distance of just over 160 kilometres. The route takes you along the river Nissan's valley, up to Hyltebruk and on to Jälluntofta. There you turn towards Unnaryd, and follow the Fylleån valley back to Halmstad via Simlångsdalen. The surface is mostly asphalt. Along the way, you get to experience open landscapes, historical cultural environments, living countryside and Halland's wilderness in the form of forests and lakes.

Banvallsleden in Halmstad

Take the opportunity to cycle on Banvallsleden, the old railway bank between Halmstad and Karlshamn in Blekinge. The route has asphalt from Halmstad to road 25, east of Simlångsdalen. After that, the surface is partly gravel and partly country road. Several old station environments along the embankment still remain, where it's possible to read the village names on the facades of the station buildings.

Cykelspåret through Halland's inland

If you cycle on "Cykelspåret", the bicycle trail, you will discover the inland of Halland, with 290 beautiful kilometres to explore as you wish. The trail offers  avaried landscape with meadows, forests and lakes. The trail is the longest of all of Halland's cycling routes.
Banvallsleden(250 km)

Discover Laxaleden and hidden gems in Halmstad

Laxaleden and Tylösandsleden are two bicycle routes of 25 kilometers each. They're perfect if you want to discover hidden gems in Halmstad. Laxaleden, or the Salmon trail, runs mostly along the eastern side of river Nissan, past Picasso Park, the Library, Slottsmöllan, Hallarna and the family-friendly East Beach.
Laxaleden(25 km)

Cycling on the coastal Tylösandsleden

Go cycling on Tylösandsleden on the west side of river Nissan. Along this trip you will see Halmstad Castle, popular Tylösand beach, Galgberget, Hallandsgården and Norre katts park.
Tylösandsleden(25 km)


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