Åsnen around is a cycle path that is 140 km long and takes you through Sweden's latest national park. You will visit the towns Växjö, Alvesta, Ingelsta, Urshult and Torne.

The nature around Åsnen is varied and shows the southern Swedish landscape. When you travel through Åsnen you will be greeted by beech forests, apple orchards, wetlands and an island world that creates a very own lake archipelago. Åsnen offers a rich plant and animal life. Around lakes, birds such as sea eagles, osprey and big-owl gather. There are about 20 fish species in the area where the most common are perch, roach and birch, but you can also find pike and bream.

Large parts of the Åsnen around bike path are car-free and are well marked with signs. The roads vary from abandoned embankments to lakeside cycling paths. Along the trail you will find cafes, picnic areas, cultural areas and various attractions to take breaks at. A popular stop for a leg stretcher is Trollberget. Here you can wander around on the magic forest paths or take a coffee break overlooking the lake. If you want to make a trip back in time, we recommend that you stay at Huseby use and experience the well-preserved environment.

The Åsnen around can be divided into several stages and overnight accommodation is available in several places. It is possible to book ready-made packages with rental bike, accommodation, simple meals and map via this link: Åsnen around in 4 days.

For more information about Åsnen visit: Åsnens visit guide.

Cycling package

The Åsnen around in 4 days

Bicycle Map

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Transportation of bikes

We can pick-up and drop-off bikes along the entire path. For more information contact us at +46 73-5536158 or info@rentbike.se.