Bicycle rental in Kristianstad

Looking to rent a bike in Kristianstad? Skåne's fourth largest city offers a number of attractions and nice cycling tours that vary in challenge. Here you will find something suitable for all types of cyclists, regardless of age and preferences. Kristianstad is named after the Danish king Kristian IV. The city was founded after the Kalmar battle in 1614.

Explore Kristianstad and Skåne with rental bikes

Discover Vattenriket and Kristianstad. In the middle of Kristianstad there is a building called Naturum placed in the water. This building is a popular destination, with a café and restaurant, and a roof terrace with views of Kristianstad, the water and nature. Outside Kristianstad you will find Bäckaskog Castle, an impressive building with a park and history from the 13th century. Cycle around the park and enjoy the courtyard, the trees, and the herb garden. Inside Kristianstad there are many attractions, for example:

• Tivoliparken - Kristianstad City Park with a garden, walking paths, playground, theater and orangery. Many events are organized here.

• Museums - such as the Artillery Museum, the Regional Museum, the Railway Museum

• Lägsta punkten - Sweden's lowest point, more than 2 meters below sea level!

Cycle from Kristianstad to Åhus and the sea

From Kristianstad you can cycle to Åhus, about 18 kilometers or an hour's bike ride. Next to the sea, where Täppet havsbad attracts many visitors. In Åhus you can get a tour of the manufacturers of Absolut Vodka, or visit the Upzone Adventure Park, take a tour of the Åhus Museum or swim at Revhaken Havsbad or Äspet. Åhus is one of Sweden's most well-preserved medieval cities.

Rent a bike to Sydostleden - Kristianstad to Brösarp

Sydostleden is made purely for cyclists. The route stretches mile after mile and offers many fantastic views. From Kristianstad you can cycle towards Brösarp, that stage is just over 50 km and is described as easy in difficulty. The route goes from Kristianstad to Åhus with long beaches, on to Friseboda nature reserve where you cycle along the sea. Finally, you reach Brösarps backar with plenty of hiking trails and the opportunity to replenish your energy with nice food, coffee and overnight stay.

Stora Vattenriketrundan - a great bike tour

For those who want a long ride on the rental bikes, there is "Stora Vattenriketrundan". It goes from Kristianstad, to Åhus, south towards Yngsjö and Maglehem, and then north via Degeberga, Everöd and Norra Åsum. After about 80 km you are back in Kristianstad. For shorter tours, you can cycle around one of the different lakes located near Kristianstad: Råbelövssjön, Ivösjön, Oppmannasjön and more.

Rent a bike in Kristianstad

Whether you want to cycle a day trip around Kristianstad, or cycle a long tour along the coast with overnight stays, you can book your bicycle on We make your bike rental easy and safe.

Rent a bike Kristianstad
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Kristianstadsturen (9km)
Wanåsturen (65km)

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