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Norrköping is Sweden's eleventh largest city, with many great cycling opportunities. The city's size and cycle paths make Norrköping an excellent place to explore on rental bikes. Outside the city there are plenty of choices to cycle longer routes, in the nature around Norrköping. We offer bike rental in Norrköping, a city with activities and cycling opportunities that suit the entire family.

Cycling in Norrköping

When you rent bicycles in Norrköping, you get to experience both city life and nature. The city is characterized by the Motala stream that flows through the city center, old buildings, trams and a wide range of activities, food and shopping. Inside the city there are for example guided walks of Carl Johans Park, a famous cactus plantation and the historic district Knäppingsborg.

Norrköping - close to the sea and archipelago

The sea is a popular destination for most people who rent bicycles in Norrköping. From Norrköping the archipelago is easy to reach, and there you can sunbathe, swim, walk, look in small shops and eat at restaurants. You can also paddle a kayak and ride with a boat on Skärgårdslinjen. The boat departs from several places such as Arkösund, a small town by the sea where you find minigolf, market stalls, hiking trails and kayak rental.

Kolmården - cycling, zoo and deep forests

The Kolmården area near Norrköping has Sweden's largest zoo. The area is also a large nature area, with many miles of hiking trails. Östgötaleden runs through Kolmården and there are lots of walking trails in varying challenges. Kolmården also provides plenty of opportunities for cycling, for example Kolmårdsturen and Nunnebanan.

Rent a bike for Göta Kanal in Norrköping

In the town Mem, just outside Norrköping, Göta Kanal starts. The canal is one of Sweden's most famous sights. From Mem the canal goes all the way to Sjötorp, next to Lake Vänern, with a total of 58 locks and a distance of 190 kilometers. Cycling along the Göta Kanal is a great way to explore it and be close to nature. Along the canal there are several overnight stays, cafes and restaurants.

Cycling on Kustlinjen

From Norrköping you can cycle Kustlinjen, a bicycle trail with a total distance of 565 km. Cycle as far as you want by following the red signs, a map is a good complement. By following Kustlinjen you can cycle out to the archipelago in several places, for example to Tyrislöt and Arkösund.

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