Bike rental Visingsö

In the middle of the lake Vättern you can find Visingsö, a fantastic island that attracts many visitors each year. The island is a perfect size for exploring by bike. With interesting history, plenty of things to see, local farm shops, art exhibitions, cafés and bathing places, a holiday on Visingsö will be something special.

Take the ferry to Visingsö from Gränna

The ferries from Gränna harbour run several times a day. The boat ride takes around half an hour and then you can start discovering Visingsö. When arriving on Visingsö, you're immediately met by the fascinating Visingsborg castle ruins from the 16th century.

Rent a bike - cycle around Visingsö

The cycle route around Visingsö (Visingsö runt) is 25 km long and runs mostly on asphalt. It's easy to reach from the harbour, and it's up to you whether you want to start by cycling north or south. As the island is mostly flat, cycling is relatively easy and suitable for the whole family, with a large number of lovely places to stop at. You can experience the whole island in one day, or split up the adventure by staying overnight!

Beautiful nature and places for bathing

The sunsets on Visingsö are known for their beauty, and so is the oak forest which is one of the largest forests of its kind in Sweden. Around the island there are several good places for swimming and sunbathing, for example:

• Näs, on the very south of Visingsö. Shallow water, a bathing jetty and a smaller beach.

• Sandudden, on the northernmost part of the island to the east, near Erstad.

More places to cycle to on Visingsö

Visingsö is full of fun places both from the past and the present, with everything from castle ruins to farm shops, cafés and art exhibitions where skilled artists find inspiration from the beautiful island. Some examples of places you can cycle to are:

• Visingsborg's castle ruins by the harbor, built in the 16th century by Per Brahe. It was a luxurious castle with large orchards and rust chamber among other things.

• Visingsöborgen in Näs, furthest south on the island, was Sweden's first royal castle, dating from the 12th century. The ruins are located on the edge to the lake Vättern.

• Tempelgården's sculpture park on northern Visingsö is filled with sculptures by the artist Olle Krantz.

Rent a bike on Visingö

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