Bicycle rental Tranås / Gränna

Pick-up from the farm Hemma på Hult 

In the beautiful nature between Tranås and Gränna you find peaceful lakes, enchanting forests and great cycling opportuinites. Rent your bikes online and pick them up at the farm and hotel Hemma på Hult, in the northern part of Småland and Jönköping county, near the border of Östergötland. From here it takes about an hour to cycle to Gränna, known for its rock candy "polkagris", charming streets, the big lake Vättern and the island Visingsö. In the opposite direction you can cycle to Tranås, which despite being a small town has Sweden's widest shopping street.

Cycle in Småland nature - 230 meters above the sea

When you start cycling you're 230 meters above sea level! The surroundings offer the chance to cycle for hours on both gravel and asphalt, with a wonderful landscape of forests, plains, meadows and lakes. You get to experience both the typical nature of Småland with stones, rocks and forests, and the plain, which spreads out just a couple of hours away. A perfect location for your cycling adventure, whether you want to cycle long or short.

Gravel biking for miles

Gravel biking has become increasingly popular. Here you can cycle for several hours without a single bit of asphalt. Gravel bike cycling doesn't require a mountain bike or road bike, nor any special skills. Everyone can do it. If you rent bikes between Tranås and Gränna, you get both small country roads on asphalt and gravel roads.

Tips on cycling routes around Tranås / Gränna

Bicycle rental in the countryside between Tranås and Gränna means that many nice destinations and experiences are within reach. Cycling trips of a few kilometers, for example to the lake Loren, or longer full-day cycle adventures.

Destinations and experiences within cycling distance:

From Hemma på Hult you can cycle to several historical places and nice areas.

• If you fancy a day trip, you can cycle to the historic Rökstenen at Ödeshög, Alvastra monastery and the famous nature area Omberg. Here you can stretch your legs with a walk and replenish with energy. All these places are close to each other, with fantastic beech forests and a lot of history.

• A shorter trip to Luffarstenen, a massive rock, a cycling route of about 11 km.

• Lysing's forest, which is located in the same direction, is also well worth a visit, about 14 km from the starting point or 7 km from Luffarstenen. Here you can grill sausages and hike for a full day outdoors.

• Brahälla by the lake Noen was Per Brahe the younger's hunting castle. If you cycle here (7-8 km and a shorter walk) there is the possibility of a castle lunch with a lovely view of Noen.

From soothing nature to city feeling in Tranås

In addition to all the fantastic nature to experience, the city life is also within reach. Tranås is home to Sweden's widest main street, lined with shops, cafés and restaurants. Here you can have coffee, eat nice food and shop. Cycling there and back is a nice trip of about 50 km.

Rent bikes and cycle to Gränna - a gem next to Vättern

The famous town Gränna is also within cycling distance and is a popular destination for people that want to wander on the charming streets, visit rock candy (polkagris) breweries and swim in the big lake Vättern. From here you can take the ferry to Visingsö.

Lakes to visit

Several lakes are within cycling distance. For example Tärenäs bathing place by lake Noen is popular during summer days. Cycling to one of the lakes in the afternoon and, watching the sun go down over the water and cycle home is almost magical. As the lakes nearby are small, they have warm, swim-friendly water and not too many visitors. Even if you're not very used to travelling by bike you can make it there.

Rent a bike in the nature close to Tranås / Gränna

Has the time come to plan your cycling vacation? Rent bikes easily online via and pick them up at the farm hotel Hemma på Hult, inbetween Tranås and Gränna.

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