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There are few places in Sweden that seem so perfect for a cycling vacation as Öland. The island, connected to Kalmar with a long bridge, has everything from long asphalt roads to cycle trails and gravel roads along the sea. There's really a lot to discover by bike here. The roads take you through the unique landscape of Öland, an island that often offers sun and warm days in the summer.

Cycling on Öland - Explore Öland's unique nature and history

Öland attracts thousands of visitors every year, with its varied nature and closeness to the sea. Many people choose to explore the island by bike, allowing you to look around at your own pace: zoom forward on the roads or cycle peacefully in nature. You could stop by at a beach anytime, look into a farm shop, café or restaurant. There are also plenty of historical sites dating back thousands of years. For example, Eketorp, Sandby castle, Bårby castle, Gråborg and Borgholm's castle ruins.

Rent a bike and cycle on Ölandsleden

If you're planning on renting a bike on Öland, the cycle route called Ölandsleden is a hot tip. In total, the route offers 400 km of cycling, close to the sea and in fascinating environments. Discover "Alvaret" of Öland - a barren and unique landscape - as well as forests, beaches, the sea and charming villages. Ölandsleden goes around the entire island so you can choose how far you want to cycle and which places interest you most. The route is marked with yellow signs.

Tips on bike routes on Öland

In addition to Ölandsleden, there are many nice bike routes on the island. From short trips to longer challenges - here are a selection of all the available cycling routes:

• Sverigeleden, the Sweden trail, from the beginning of the bridge and north to the town Byxelkrok. The bike ride is a total of 120 km, mostly on asphalt. You follow the green and white signs.

• Alvar tour, 51 km, goes via Mörbylånga, Stenåsa, Skärlöv and Kastlösa. You cycle through the unique landscape of "alvaret" via the old railway between Kastlösa and Skärlöv, and via Stenås to Resmo. You cycle past lovely villages on the east side, and on the west side you get to see cultivated landscapes with rapeseed and strawberries. At the lake Möckelmossen there's plenty of bird life. 

• Algutsrum tour, 35 km, goes through summer cottage areas, forests and fields, with a mixture of smaller asphalt roads and gravel roads.

• Ecopark trail's, 39 km on northern Öland. Here you cycle in the forest Bödaskogen, with varying landscapes and oaks that are hundreds of years old. The route offers history in the form of ancient monuments and environments from the Iron Age. Suitable for easier mountain biking, or with a regular bike in which case you might need to get off and walk in a few places.

• Löttorp – Källa tour, 15 km where you cycle via Löttorp, Hagelstad, Källa and Högby. With beautiful pastures and stone walls along the road, on old railway embankments and small roads.

Rent a mountain bike on Öland - Ekerum mountain bike trail

Öland has several good places if you want to go mountain biking. In Ekerum, on the west side of the island, you find good MTB trails in various lengths. The nature reserve, located in Rällaskogen, has lovely trails and gravel roads in the pine forest's hilly terrain. The trails are located near the edge of the large golf courses at Ekerum. It's a known fact that Öland is mostly flat, but here's evidence that slopes also exist!

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Bike paths
Sverigeleden map (120 km)
Alvar tour (51 km)
Algutsrum tour (35 km)
Ecopark trail's (39 km)
Ölandsleden (400 km)
Löttorp – Källa tour (15 km)

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Rent a bike Öland Mörbylånga.

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Solllidens slott along Sverigeleden on Öland.

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