Rent a bike Lysekil

With a rental bike in Lysekil, you can experience the best of nature and the surroundings on Sweden's west coast. Lysekil has for a long time been a popular destination for people who want to relax and swim in the summer, with the beautiful archipelago that surrounds the city, the cliffs, and the sea.

Things to do in Lysekil 

The outdoor life in Lysekil offers many opportunities, including great cycling routes. In addition, Lysekil has plenty of historical places to experience.

Here you can visit Gamlestan, Lysekil's oldest district, which was the city centre 200 years ago. Small houses on cobbled streets with signs that tell the history of the houses. Another well-known attraction is Lysekil's church, a majestic big building which is built entirely of granite. It's also the largest church in the district of Bohuslän.

If you cycle a little further from the city, you can experience some of the world's most famous petroglyphs (rock carvings), in Brastad north of Lysekil. Among them is the rock carving The Shoemaker which was discovered in the 17th century.

Cycling holiday in Lysekil

A holiday spent in Lysekil is best experienced by bike! That means you can easily get around the city, relax while travelling on the small roads, and also quickly get out into nature, close to rocks and sea, forests and fields.

Stångehuvud nature reserve

From the city centre, you only need to cycle a short distance to reach Stångehuvud nature reserve. It's a protected area for the unique Bohus granite, which was formed around 920 million years ago. You can walk over the untouched granite cliffs or sit and enjoy the view. Nearby is, among other things, Pinnevik's beach.

Cycle around the island Skaftö

A 19 km long bike ride on the island of Skaftö. You can bring the bikes on the boat from Lysekil. On Skaftö, the famous Swedish TV series Saltön was filmed. Here you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing and having a picnic on the rocks, look at the picturesque fishing huts and also eat at restaurants and shop for necessities in the charming towns Grundsund and Fiskebäckskil.

A trip to Lyse church ruin

If you cycle for about half an hour northwards, 8 km, you can visit Lyse church ruin. The walls of the great old church still remain. The ruin is surrounded by a large cemetery with both old and newer graves.

The rock carvings in Backa

About 20 km north of Lysekil you reach Backa, north of Brastad. This is a unique place filled with petroglyphs from the Bronze Age. The many slabs are located along the old village road at the foot of the mountain from Backa to Immestad.

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Lysekil is in many ways a perfect city to rent a bike in, to discover all the lovely nature while cycling. Bike  rental is both easy and safe online - simply pick the place, date and bike you wish to rent.

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