Bicycle Service

Book an affordable bike service with us. Choose from 3 ready-made packages alternatively we will solve your specific wishes.

We offer bike service / repairs on all kinds of bike brands and will always give you a fixed price before we start. During bike serivce or repair its possible to borrow a bike for free. 

We are located in the center of Växjö, about 3 minutes from SF cinema. Easy to get here by car or bike, and of course free parking.

We are not a traditional bicycle workshop, we offer mobile bicycle service which means that we will come to you and fix your bike. This service is possible within Växjö for both companies and private persons.

Right now we offer change to winter tires for SEK 229 for two tires. 

If you want to fix your bike by yourself but need to buy accessories like tubes, shifting cable etc . We are happy to help you.

Don't hesitate to contact us. We are open 08:00 to 20:00 every day.

Psst ... if you buy tires with better quality (which is not much more expensive) then you can save many punctures, especially during the winter when the roads are paved with sharp stones.

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Bicycle service in Växjö

Bicycle repairMobile bicycle service in Växjö

 Bicycle Service

250 SEK

Small package

Adjustment of gears, brakes and steering bearings. Pumping of tires, inspection of the tires. Chain lubrication. Checking the drive package. General control of the bike's condition and safety. Material cost is added.



400 SEK

Medium package

Small package + cleaning and lubrication of drive packages (wreath, chain, gears and crankcase. Material cost is added).




850 SEK

Large package

Small and medium package + bike wash, interior cleaning. Greasing, servicing of crank and guide bearings and hubs. Does not apply to hub gears.

Material cost is added.







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  • Small package 300 kr
  • Medium package 400 kr
  • Large package 850 kr
  • Fix puncture (tube included) 189 kr
  • Change tires (Applies to 2 tires) 289 kr
  • Adjustment of hub gears 129 kr
  • Adjustment of surface gears 189 kr
  • Wheel brake adjustment 99 kr
  • Disc brake adjustment 159 kr
  • Mounting of accessories/per accessory 79 kr
  • Adjustment of wheel direction 225 kr
  • Change of chain 139 kr

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Bicycle part

Winter tires Schwalbe

400 kr/pcs (half dubbed)

Winter tires Schwalbe

800 kr/pcs (full dubbed)


250kr (may vary depending on model)


20 kr/pcs


200 kr (may vary depending on model)


59 kr